AV MEDIA has completed an UPGRADE to the new version of the business information system Dynamics NAV

AV MEDIA, a.s. based in Prague, had until recently been using an older version of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV business information system. Thanks to the continued technological development of the company and its active efforts to maintain a high level of service, it has decided to upgrade the existing information system to a newer version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. AV MEDIA thus gained access to the new technologies and features that the new version of the system provides. At the same time, the need to change the settings of some business processes was also solved.

avmedia-logoThe actual implementation of the project at AV MEDIA, a.s. was preceded by an extensive process analysis and design creation. Its goal was to essentially slim down customized solutions and redesign functionality to maximize the capabilities that the standard version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 offers. Upgrading the existing system brought, among other things, a completely new user interface, more sophisticated data transfer capabilities between ERP and external applications, and improved integration with Business Intelligence.

Deploying a new version of the system represented a comprehensive coverage of all business processes and managed to interconnect all agendas (Projects, Purchase, Service, Sales) with the Finance module. The company now better plans resources, efficiently deals with leasing and has the ability to track detailed costs and revenue for the project. At the same time, the creation of business calculations directly from NAV has been standardized and the implementation of operational changes in budgets has been simplified.

The company is now using the reporting tool from Jet Reports, which is a specialized solution for creating specific ERP outputs. The implementation was an interesting project that used the methodology of historical data transfer to the data warehouse for subsequent analyzes using OLAP technologies. Within the implementation, the unique NavSherpa integration module was implemented for the first time, enabling the company to streamline data transfer between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and DMS Microsoft SharePoint platform.

Implementation took place in the second half of 2016, and on January 2, 2017, the system was launched. In the first half of 2017, the final phase of customer support after launch and the subsequent development of lower priority features took place.

About AV MEDIA, a.s.

AV MEDIA was founded in 1992 and is currently a leader in the field of presentation, projection and audiovisual technology in the Czech Republic. The company designs and implements image and sound sharing solutions and provides its customers with services ranging from design solutions to training and after-sales service. AV technology and other company products are used in conference and meeting rooms, at 24-hour dispatching workplaces, in classrooms and training rooms, in special simulation and 3D applications, in cinemas, in museum expositions, at fairs and at many other locations. Besides the implementation of the solution, the company also provides rental and service of high-quality audiovisual equipment for a wide range of diverse events, from corporate training to corporate congresses, social events and trade fairs to outdoor projections on buildings.


NAVISYS was founded in 1997. With successful implementations and high-quality services, NAVISYS has quickly moved among the top Microsoft Dynamics NAV vendors and implementers. Traditionally, the company is ranked among the Top 5 most successful Microsoft Dynamics partners in the Czech Republic. At present, NAVISYS acts primarily as a supplier of vertical solutions. It has a team of professionals, not only in the field of Microsoft Dynamics products but also professionals with theoretical and practical experience from the industries to which its products and services are directed. In 2013, we extended the Microsoft SharePoint product portfolio for document management and the Office 365 cloud solution. In 2015, we acquired a license to sell and implement the PlannerOne Production Planning System (APS) from the French company Ortems. In September 2017, we launched our own NavSherpa integration module designed for worldwide sales within the Microsoft partner network.