PlannerOne V6.0 has been released!

The new version of PlannerOne V6.0 is here! Discover its benefits with us! It brings faster startup operations, better visual analysis and allow users more manageable controls and for partners to enable faster deployment - this was the main task Ortems wanted to achieve when developing a new version of PlannerOne V6.0. And that is exactly what it did!

PlannerOne 6.0Ortems introduced the latest version of its PlannerOne V6.0 solution for production and resource planning in December 2017. The new release of both the Production Scheduler and Resource Planner puts emphasis on perfect compatibility with MS Dynamics NAV and all its applications. PlannerOne V6.0 is compatible with Dynamics NAV 2013R2, 2015, 2016, and 2017 The more user-friendly interface and easy implementation and support from partners was due to the following set of adjustments and improvements for Ortems:


Rychlejší implementace a aktualizaceThanks to a new feature for dividing installation stages, PlannerOne V6.0 allows you to bring your production and resource planning solution into operation within a very short period of time.

  • Installation is now based on PowerShell technology, which provides repeatable, standardized, and automated deployment.
  • PlannerOne Web Manager makes it easier to deploy in the cloud.
  • For implementation there is no need for a separate database.
  • Save on implementation costs and subsequent support thanks to these new improvements.


Větší míra agility při plánováníPlannerOne V6.0 ensures that specific operations run at a predefined time and emphasizes that the scheduled start and end of production are maintained on the planned machines. You can at any time determine at what stage of production a particular order is. Emphasis is also placed on managing higher priority jobs. Their planning takes place automatically in advance.


Vizuální analýza Made EasyThe graphical environment is more user-friendly than ever before. This enables better orientation in the Gantt diagram and in the schematic showing the load on the resources. Work order status is defined on a color scale to facilitate visual analysis. This identification is maintained even when exporting data to excel.

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PlannerOne 6.0

NAVISYS & Ortems

In 2015, we signed a partnership agreement with ORTEMS S.A.S and became an expert distributor and competence center for the Czech Republic. With this step, they acquired PlannerOne from a strong partner with implementation experience from manufacturing companies for product development and support on the Czech market. ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV, combined with PlannerOne, provides users with a unique solution for advanced planning and implementation of the entire production process, thus significantly strengthening its leading position among the complex systems for manufacturing enterprises.