The first implementation of Dynamics 365 Business Central in Control Techniques Brno s.r.o.

Dynamics 365 Business Central is the latest on-premises version of everyone’s favourite ERP system from Microsoft Dynamics family. Control Techniques Brno, which specializes in development, production and delivery of regulated motor controllers, decided for its implementation. For NAVISYS, a traditional partner based in Brno as well, it was the first implementation of this hot new ERP product that Microsoft has produced.

Control Techniques Brno primarily specializes in the production of frequency changes. In this field, they belong among the best and fastest growing players on the global market. That is one of the reasons why they strive to continually maintain a high technological standard not just regarding their products, but regarding internal processes and resources management as well.

The implementation of the original Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system version in the Control Techniques Brno subsidiary passed off more than 10 years ago. With the transition to a new version of enterprise information system – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premises (hereinafter the D365BC) Control Techniques Brno chose a new supplier as well – NAVISYS, a Brno-based software company. Apart from technological development, the primary motive for the changes was efficiency improvement and internal processes acceleration together with the possibility of detailed monitoring of a company’s economic growth. One of the project’s key demands was the connection of the ERP system to online bar code readers used in warehouses.

The D365BC implemented solution fully covers the company’s needs regarding finances, warehouse management, resources management, purchasing, sales and brand new complaints and a service module for services interventions processing. In readiness for implementation, there has been an improvement of particular processes, for example, goods purchase planning and reservation process, which enabled a determination of the exact goods receipt and delivery date. With the help of online readers, D365BC is connected to the warehouse, where warehouse keeper, with the help of bar codes, accepts and delivers goods with subsequent billing in D365BC. The whole solution was implemented on Microsoft Azure, a cloud platform.

The implementation of Jet Reports, a BI tool, and its integration with the implemented D365BC was also a part of the project. With the aid of Jet Reports, it is possible to create reports and statistics about all financial flows and company processes, thanks to which the overall company management can be easily observed. At the same time, this information is sent to the Control Techniques Brno centre located in the United Kingdom.

In May 2018, the project launched an analysis. The D365BC implementation itself was in motion at the start of 2019, and the system was implemented into the production environment in April 2019. In the second project phase, proběhl the development of additional customer adjustments and the module service launch was also underway.

About Control Techniques Brno s.r.o.

Control Techniques Brno s.r.o. which is a part of Nidec since 2017, has been among the top players in the propulsion technology development for more than 40 years a during this time it expanded its services into 45 automated centres worldwide. The technically advanced products of Control Techniques find their place in almost every industry. Apart from the applications already known like drives of machine tools, textile machines, balers and specialised machines, robots, technological lines, elevators, cranes, pumps, compressors and ventilators, the company puts emphasis on the development of new options of employment particularly in the field of energetically economical drives and returning of energy into the network. All Control Techniques Brno products excel at high efficiency, reliability and wide variability and adaptability, which enables their use in many non-standard applications.