Kovo Praktik manages production in Dynamics NAV 2017

The company Kovo Praktik (Ostrava, Czech Republic) has been using Dynamics NAV 2017 to manage production since April 2017. The main motivation for this project was to upgrade the previous system version - Dynamics NAV 09, which the company had been using until then. The anticipated results of the project were achieved almost immediately. Kovo Praktik started to use advanced purchasing & production planning in addition to all standard Dynamics NAV modules.

Kovo PraktikDue to their increasing volume of production of handling equipment and office equipment, Kovo Praktik, s.r.o. has decided to upgrade the existing system to the latest version of Dynamics NAV 2017. The aim of the project was to increase the effectiveness of working with the system, increase the volume of processed agenda, and to reduce the cost of document creation. Before the implementation, the analysis and design took place in the second half of 2016. Implementation was finalized in April 2017 with the start-up of the system.

Kovo Praktik's system platform consists entirely of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 solutions. The implemented modules cover areas of Business (Purchasing, Sales), Manufacturing (including Planning), Storage, and Finance. A horizontal solution of NAVISYS CZ Comfort Pack was also added. It represents a set of standardized customer adjustments, especially in the area of finance, increasing the user comfort within the Czech environment.

The main benefits of the implementation are the possibility of detailed inventory of materials, semi-finished products, and finished products, more efficient use of storage space and the possibility of transferring inventories to consignment warehouses. Thanks to the production module, Kovo Praktik can now plan the issuing of purchase orders based on inventory and expected production or sales. At the same time, the requirements of the business plan and the available production capacity are taken into account. From the implementer's point of view, the new version of the system opens up new potential capabilities, for example, through integration with an advanced production planning tool (PlannerOne) or with the agendas that are now offered with the current version of the system.

About Kovo Praktik s.r.o.

Company Kovo Praktik located in Ostrava, Czech Republic, is a 100% Czech producer of handling equipment and office equipment. The company has been on the market since 1990 and with its many years of experience, it has been providing high-quality products to its customers with the focus on quality materials. Products of Kovo Praktik are used as equipment mainly in companies, shops, and offices. In addition to handling equipment and equipment for companies, Kovo Praktik also manufactures office chairs. At the same time, it can also deliver products according to customer's specific requirements.


NAVISYS was founded in 1997. With successful implementations and high-quality services, NAVISYS has quickly moved among the top Microsoft Dynamics NAV vendors and implementers. Traditionally, the company is ranked among the Top 5 most successful Microsoft Dynamics partners in the Czech Republic. At present, NAVISYS acts primarily as a supplier of vertical solutions. It has a team of professionals, not only in the field of Microsoft Dynamics products but also professionals with theoretical and practical experience from the industries to which its products and services are directed. In 2013, we extended the Microsoft SharePoint product portfolio for document management and the Office 365 cloud solution. In 2015, we acquired a license to sell and implement the PlannerOne Production Planning System (APS) from the French company Ortems. In September 2017, we launched our own NavSherpa integration module designed for worldwide sales within the Microsoft partner network.