Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been successfully launched at KOVONA SYSTEM!

KOVONA SYSTEM is one of the largest manufacturers of metal furniture in the Czech Republic. In the ERP bidding process, the company chose Microsoft Dynamics NAV Enterprise Information System with BIZ4Elements for Advanced Production and BIZ4Distribution for Storage from NAVISYS. The main objective of the Dynamics NAV implementation was to increase production efficiency of this dynamically developing company.

KOVONA SYSTEMBefore launching the tender for the acquisition of a new ERP, KOVONA SYSTEM had used a local information system. Unfortunately, this solution was not compatible with the growth and ongoing transformation of a company that needed to implement standardized ERP solutions that cover demanding manufacturing and storage capabilities, also for its other subsidiary companies.

The need for these changes was solved by the Brno firm NAVISYS. After a detailed analysis, a comprehensive solution was proposed and implementation was started in mid-2016. The Microsoft Dynamics NAV information system became the platform for the solution.

The implemented system covers the areas of Trade, Manufacturing including material and capacity planning, Warehousing, Service and Finance. As a superstructure of the system, BIZ4Elements was developed for advanced production planning and management and BIZ4Distribution for managing storage and distribution. The system was successfully launched at the beginning of 2017.

Business opportunity management goes through an integrated CRM directly in Dynamics NAV where business cases are managed. The new system allows you to more accurately monitor and manage the cost of material acquisition, which is an important parameter in pricing sales. This is also a matter of keeping track of the costs of machine maintenance and repairs, and more accurate planning of regular maintenance, which until then was a bottleneck in production.

KOVONA will be able to manage inventory more efficiently. Advanced inventories of raw materials, semi-finished products and complete products will allow the better use of existing warehouse areas and optimize material flow management within individual production halls and between production plants.

The comprehensive business solution from NAVISYS brings the customer a long-term sustainable ERP system that supports the dynamic development of the company and helps to manage all of these processes. Some of the above-mentioned effects and benefits of the new ERP were demonstrated immediately after the launch, and KOVONA thus obtained valuable information which was not only for manufacturing controlling. Based on the investor's decision, the unified information system will also be implemented at the subsidiaries.

KOVONA is now starting to implement advanced production planning features through PlannerOne APS, which will be launched in the production environment in 2017. PlannerOne will enable advanced planning with the aim of maximizing sales coverage and utilizing available production capacities. This will optimize production and the resulting elimination of operational changes will reduce costs. KOVONA will more easily meet delivery times with regard to the requirements and needs of the sales department.
In 2017, an EDI solution for electronic data exchange will be implemented with well known customers (eg Hornbach, IKEA).


KOVONA SYSTEM, a.s. is a Czech, prosperous and globally oriented manufacturing company that was established in 2000 and its significant expansion took place after the construction of the production facility in Český Těšín in 2003. The primary activity of the company is large-scale metal production for large retail chains, production of racking systems and rolled steel profiles. Strengths of this company are, above all, unique automated technology for the production of chairs and components for rack systems. The company exports its products to a number of countries around the world, with the largest buyers being the Swedish chain with IKEA furniture.


NAVISYS was founded in 1997. With successful implementations and high-quality services, NAVISYS has quickly moved among the top Microsoft Dynamics NAV vendors and implementers. Traditionally, the company is ranked among the Top 5 most successful Microsoft Dynamics partners in the Czech Republic. At present, NAVISYS acts primarily as a supplier of vertical solutions. It has a team of professionals, not only in the field of Microsoft Dynamics products, but also professionals with theoretical and practical experience from the industries to which its products and services are directed. In 2013, we extended the Microsoft SharePoint product portfolio for document management and the Office 365 cloud solution. In 2015, we acquired a license to sell and implement the PlannerOne Production Planning System (APS) from the French company Ortems.