Professional solution for storage and distribution

In general

BIZ4Distribution is a professional industry solution designed for companies that are engaged in business, distribution, warehousing or freight transportation. This software solution combined with a robust base – the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system, creates an intelligent system that covers processes from demand to delivery. The robust base of Microsoft Dynamics NAV from Microsoft covers the general agenda in the areas of finance, purchasing and sales, warehousing and logistics, manufacturing, customer relations and marketing. BIZ4Distribution industry solution extends the functionality primarily in sales, warehousing and transport. It increases the chances of successful sales due to business management which reduces storage costs through efficient use of storage space.

In the field of transport logistics it calculates the cost of transportation, graphically it can plan using Gantt charts, track the movement of the fleet, thereby optimizing all the routes or the dispatcher can check the status of vehicles in the module console. Of course, there is also the integration of maps in the information system. RFID technology is used, which reveals great potential in wholesale, retail, warehousing and logistics services. This technology monitors all movement of materials, products and goods from delivery after processing and sale. RFID is a mobile solution that collects information on the site and is immediately reflected in the information system.

Who is the customer

The system has been designed for medium and large companies that operate in the field of distribution, warehousing, trade and transport logistics.


The ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, along with the professional solution, BIZ4Distribution, create a professional information system that manages all processes from one place. Each department has an overview of the situation in the company and receives updated data. This comprehensive information system streamlines all processes and the company gets the benefit of higher market competitiveness.


  • Simplification of the running of the organization by unifying the agenda in one place.
  • Increased productivity thanks to the intuitive user interface of Microsoft.
  • Visibility and easy access to all information.
  • Adaptability of the superstructural solution.
  • Comprehensive processing of orders through to the execution of the contract.
  • Monitoring of costs and revenues in the form of reports that are adapted to your needs.
  • Monitoring the values and responsibilities of staff for the assigned tasks.
  • Ability to communicate solutions with third party products.