KOVONA SYSTEM communicates with customers through the Anveo EDI Connect solutions

KOVONA SYSTEM, a.s. is one of the leading Czech manufacturers of metal furniture supplying their products to hobby markets and large chains of furniture stores. Constantly growing customer demand led to the need for automation of communication within business processes. We have solved the need by implementing EDI by the German company Anveo.

KOVONA SYSTEMKOVONA SYSTEM, a.s. has been looking for a suitable solution that would allow them to quickly get involved in EDI communication. As an optimal tool for EDI communication with business partners Anveo EDI Connect for Microsoft Dynamics NAV implemented by NAVISYS, s.r.o. was selected. Unlike conventional EDI tools, this solution provides users with simple and comprehensive management of the involvement of other partners in e-communication processes without the need for additional development of communication interfaces.

Before the executing this project, research and testing of the existing EDI solutions on the market took place. Thorough analysis and time spent developing detailed tasks and design resulted in a totally flawless implementation. There were no deficiencies during the test run so the final version was released immediately. In the middle of September, the first electronically issued business document was sent. The project implementation did not take more than few weeks.

Nowadays KOVONA SYSTEM communicates with its first partners through EDI for all routine service. There has been a significant reduction in the workload related to individual business cases while electronic data exchange has increased the potential for further growth of business relationships with the partners.

So far the results provide a positive motivation to extend electronic data exchange with other KOVONA SYSTEM customers. At the moment the first preparatory steps are taking place at some other customers in order to switch to EDI communications within the upcoming months.

O společnosti KOVONA SYSTEM a.s.

KOVONA SYSTEM, a.s. is a Czech, prosperous and globally oriented manufacturing company established in 2000. Its significant expansion took place after building up the production facility in Český Těšín in 2003. The primary activity of the company is mass series metal manufacturing for large retail chains, manufacturing of shelving rack systems and rolled steel profiles. The biggest strength of the company is unique automated technology for the mass series production of folding chairs and components for shelving systems. The company exports its products to a number of countries around the globe while the largest client is Swedish IKEA.


NAVISYS was founded in 1997. With successful implementations and high-quality services, NAVISYS has quickly moved among the top Microsoft Dynamics NAV vendors and implementers. Traditionally, the company is ranked among the Top 5 most successful Microsoft Dynamics partners in the Czech Republic. At present, NAVISYS acts primarily as a supplier of vertical solutions. It has a team of professionals, not only in the field of Microsoft Dynamics products but also professionals with theoretical and practical experience from the industries to which its products and services are directed. In 2013, we extended the Microsoft SharePoint product portfolio for document management and the Office 365 cloud solution. In 2015, we acquired a license to sell and implement the PlannerOne Production Planning System (APS) from the French company Ortems. In September 2017, we launched our own NavSherpa integration module designed for worldwide sales within the Microsoft partner network.