Jet Enterprise

OLAP technologie

Jet Enterprise logoJet Enterprise is a comprehensive management information system (BI) integrated with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Dynamics NAV or AX. Support from OLAP technology assists with quickly and flexibly creating overviews of business metrics.

Directly from Excel, you can view and create reports from any module in Microsoft Dynamics - general ledger, invoices, goods, warehouse, etc. Reports can be viewed on the website or in locked Excel tables. Due to its characteristics it is a useful tool for users who do not necessarily need to capture data in the system, but need to read it.

Jet Enterprise allows you to view information from many angles and perspectives, providing the necessary information to make decisions. The main benefit is the creation of reports and BI in the generally familiar Excel environment.

dashboards and reports reports

With the Jet Enterprise tool you may make decisions based on the basic facts of Microsoft Dynamics instead of assumptions and in this way you significantly improve the overall decision-making process. Every department in an organization can obtain precisely the information and reports they need. Another key benefit is the simplicity and intuitiveness for the user in creating their own reports, which can be created in just a few minutes.


  • Blazing fast reports.
  • Instant visualization.
  • Facilitates the work of employees.
  • Lower expenses.
  • Data warehouse and data cubes can be modified without programming knowledge.
  • Turnkey Solutions - installation within several hours.
  • Includes dozens of reports and dashboards.
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