KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ RIA manages contracts in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

At KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ RIA, Plc., a company dealing with engineering and supply activities, there has been a successful implementation of the enterprise information system Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The official kickoff was launched in April 2013. The implementer of this entire solution is NAVISYS, who together with the enterprise information system will also provide the specialized solutions BIZ4BuildIn for project management.

kp_ria_logoThe impulse for selecting ERP solutions at KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ RIA, Plc., was the lack of a unified business information system that covered the key activities of the company, and that could also connect finance and contract management. The company announced a tender for the acquisition of a complex enterprise system. They were looking for a solution that would allow improvement of processes, such as project management, resource planning, financial accounting, asset management and controlling. The tender was won by NAVISYS with the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV and BIZ4BuildIn, which is a business solution that covers the specific needs of project- oriented companies. The aim of the implementation of the project was to provide comprehensive coverage and the standardization of business processes, bringing together all sections, unifying the user interface and facilitating the tracking performance of the company, thus increasing the possibilities for managing various levels of management.

Elektrárna MělníkDeployment of the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV covered key business processes and KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ RIA, plc., gained control of all events in the company. Thanks to the superstructure solution BIZ4BuildIn, the management of specific project activities was ensured. The system helps from the commercial faze of processing demands and creating menus with the breakdown of the individual cost elements. After approval of the offer by the investor, the project is transferred into the implementation of the contract, followed by management of the preparatory work, then further planning items are carried out, cash flow is defined, attached to the contract and documents, specifications material are created with a portfolio of suppliers. Subsequently there is the purchasing, invoicing and sales by inventories of work performed. With a systematic unification process and the establishment of mutual relations it is possible do custom controlling (statements of work, directing, purchase of materials and services) and managing cash flow for projects. With help from the BI tool Jet Enterprise, allowing you to import and export data to Excel, a company can produce the required reports, which are an important basis for evaluation and planning. Part of the BI tools is also OLAP technology. This allows you to analyze large amounts of data and get clear output.

Included in the implementation is the external module ELO Business Logic Provider for MS Dynamics NAV, which enables the comprehensive storage of business documents into the system ELO Enterprise Content Management.

The final step in the implementation of the project was the integration of MS Dynamics NAV with Microsoft Project Server.

For implementation at KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ RIA , Plc. NAVISYS received the award Microsoft Awards 2013 Finalist in the category of ERP.


KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ RIA ,Plc. is an engineering company that has long focused on high end supplies in the fields of nuclear energy, chemical and petrochemical as well as water purification and treatment . Its main activities include the creation of project documentation of technological systems , design documentation equipment , strength calculations of pipes, tanks , apparatus and structures , assembly , delivery and installation of technological parts, technical assistance and cooperation in functional testing and commissioning.

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