At AC Technologies Ltd. their delivery of technological systems will be managed by Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

AC Technologies Inc., which is engaged in the design and delivery of technological systems for energy and industry, started implementation of the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013. The provider of the enterprise information system is NAVISYS Ltd., a company that won the tender with a specialized business solution named BIZ4BuildIn and is especially geared for project-driven companies.

AC Technologies Ltd. is a dynamically developing company that needed to respond to the increasing number of orders. They were looking for a comprehensive information system for the management of internal processes, specializing in covering the processes of project management. NAVISYS offered Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) solution with the plug-in BIZ4BuildIn. The solution will not only cover the basic processes, such as trade, finance, purchasing and service, but also specific activities for contract management (creation, scheduling, effective planning and management of resources, generating tasks, reporting work done on the project, evaluation of staff, management and evaluation of subcontractors). Implementation began in April 2014 and the launch is expected in late 2014.

About AC Technologies Ltd.

The AC Technologies Ltd. was founded in 2007 and is engaged in the proposal, design and delivery of complete technological equipment and systems to reduce emissions of particulate and gaseous pollutants into the air by technological and energy processes. The company also focuses on the design and supply of industrial filtration and dust removal technology for other heavy and light industries in the Czech Republic and abroad.