Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps with project management at Bohemia Müller

Bohemia Müller Ltd. is an electric installation firm, engaged in related activities for maintenance and servicing power equipment. Gradually the organizational portfolio was accompanied with design, engineering and system engineers. Last year, the company implemented the new information system Microsoft Dynamics NAV from NAVISYS.


logo Bohemia MüllerFor the year 2015, the company has established several fundamental visions. The first is an across-the-board expansion of activities with respect to establishing other organizational structures, or new divisions. The company aims are nationwide, however, personnel strengthening in the given regions are to gain greater efficiency mainly in the commercial area. Another goal is to develop cooperation with established business partners, especially in the field of energy, transmission and distribution of electricity and in mining. Last but not least is the aim of consolidating internal processes that impact the implementation of the new system.


At the time when the company was established the local accounting, payroll and personnel information system was in a single package solution, and on MS-DOS. The product was tailored to the needs of the company without further interconnection to their commercial and manufacturing structures. For example, project management, which is crucial for Bohemia Müller's subsistence was not covered at all. In its place they understandably found well-established products from Microsoft Office package, which is a path no similar companies skipped. The gradual expansion of a customized portfolio, the introduction of quality systems according to EN ISO 9001 and, last but not least, personnel strengthening, brought about the need to consolidate data management and set up the appropriate access to this data. This was the primary reason for the interest in purchasing of a new comprehensive ERP system.

Přehled o zakázce

Information management for the company was divided into two basic areas. The first was the management of accounting, payroll and personnel administration, which was secured by means of a local information system. The second area was the management of orders, or if you will, project management, which had not been solved for the employees through the resources of Microsoft Office. From a data consolidation perspective it was as an isolated area, which resulted in a difficult confrontation and evaluation. This situation obviously required a lot of effort and complicated working matters for the employees. Not even balance sheet items were easily solved, which lacked operative information and fundamentals for management. An important factor was the risk of data loss and problems with archiving the respective clear arrangement of stored files. Overall it was about a system that worked on local disks.



  • Properly get a dimension on the robustness of a new enterprise information system for the size of the company and with a vision for the expansion of the new division.
  • Manage and implement the missing module for project management.
  • Link financial management with project management.
  • In real-time check CASH-FLOW on the timeline.
  • Allow remote access to the system for the operational needs of all workers.
  • Centralize and unify data and eliminate the risk of data loss.
  • Define a clear numerical set of rules and identification processes for the company.
  • Find a user-friendly ERP system.

After a relatively long search for a suitable product, accompanied by numerous presentations from suppliers, along came NAVISYS Ltd. on the basis of a recommendation, which unveiled the product Dynamics NAV with the professional solution BIZ4BuildIn for project management. „The implementation was difficult. The oftentimes complicated clarification of requirements and their materialization in the system, was accompanied by stormy discussions and revising some of the expected capabilities of the system in relation to the conditions and processes set in our company. Our selection of a supplier and the solutions we evaluate quite positively. We have acquired a quality management tool for the entire company. At the same time, we have optimized certain selected processes,“ said Ing. Václav Langheinrich, CEO of Bohemia Müller.
„The essential contribution of NAV is determined by its relational element i.e., that it is first necessary to "feed" specific data, and then use it for management and evaluation. The effect of the new information system NAV will be evaluated after a longer time, since the phase data acquisition brought with it increased demands on the capacity utilization of staff. Already we have gained greater visibility over events in our company, especially business opportunities, orders, approving invoices and other agendas. In this way our user satisfaction can be positively evaluated“ said Ing. Paul Polak, management representative for quality, environment and occupational health and safety at Bohemia Müller.

BENEFITS of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

  • Acquisition and processing of data in a user-friendly environment.
  • Easier access to data according to user roles.
  • Consistency of information and to limit its duplicity.
  • Interconnection of the module for project management with the management of finances.
  • An overview of the entire production cycle, respectively for orders.
  • The fulfillment of customer requirements for data processing.
  • Access to data for lower levels of management.
  • Specification of powers and responsibilities for capturing and managing data.
  • More effective data backup.