Easy production of complex components

ISH&MSA Čerpadla a.s. decided to implement Microsoft Business Solution - Navision 4.0 information system extended with a unique field-specific solution by NAVISYS.

Initial situation

ISH&MSA Čerpadla, a.s. used two separate systems not linked one to another. Generating outputs from the systems was arduous, equally as data migration between the individual applications. The system data had to be administered by the supplier even on the level of user rights, viewing and data processing was time consuming. The technologies used were obsolete.

Business goals

  • To create an integrated customer oriented information system.
  • To eliminate data redundancy.
  • To establish conditions enabling maximum ease of further development of the introduced information system both from the perspective of the number of users and system functionality.
  • To link the information system to the document management system and take full advantage of modern information channels.
  • To link the information system to the e-catalogue and the catalogue of spare parts, and possibly to an e-shop.
  • To simplify administration and regular maintenance of the company’s information systems.
  • To speed up the system, to make the links more transparent and to process outputs directly.
  • Upgrade and amend hardware

Description of the entire solution

The implementation included Microsoft Navision 3.70 information system extended with a field-specific solution by NAVISYS. The system is integrated with MS Office and temporarily linked to the old information system, namely its e-catalogue and TPV modules – ODBC interface was used. "The goal of the implementation of Microsoft Navision information system was to improve efficiency and productivity of work of our employees where each employee would work with the same system and all information would be shared throughout the company. A prerequisite was to integrate the software solution on the same platform which is used in other Synecta group companies. Eventually, these goals were met,” says Maroš Marcinko, the project manager of the implementation at ISH&MSA Čerpadla.

Results and benefits for the company

By introducing Microsoft Navision 3.70 information system and the vertical solution, the ISH&MSA čerpadla management’s vision of an integrated customer oriented information system was fulfilled. The new information system is capable of copying the growth of the company both as to the number of users and the system functionality. Compared to the previous information system, administration and regular maintenance of the system was simplified, the speed was increased, links were made more transparent and output is processed directly. The new system enables simple and quick production processing both from the organizational, accounting and managerial perspective.

NAVISYS assisted ISH&MSA čerpadla in hardware upgrade and amendment.

NAVISYS introduces NavSherpa

NavSherpa – integration platform between Dynamics NAV and SharePoint, which provides customers with tools for advanced document management and external workflow integration.

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