Balíkobot for Dynamics 365

Fully automated dispatch

In general

Balíkobot logoThe Balikobot tool is used for the complete management of shipping processes and cooperation with carriers. Thanks to the RESTwithUS integration module, you can work with this technology directly in the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central ERP system and thus manage the entire dispatch of packages, pallets and letters from one place.

The Balikobot module integrates over 30 of the most used carriers and their 500 transport services, whose setup and operation in the central system are straightforward and intuitive.

Key functions

The user can perform all operations related to shipping in one place in the ERP system:

  • List of carriers, their services, additional services, including their import
  • For each carrier, a list of all its branches (dispensing points) and the services provided by this branch are available.
  • It is also possible to display a list of handling and ADR units for the selected carrier.
  • Label printing – labels can be printed in a few seconds, with one click or by scanning a barcode, all without having to go to the system of individual carriers.

You can find an overview of all Balíkobot functionalities HERE

Maximum efficiency

Maximum efficiency of the shipping process is ensured thanks to these advanced functionalities:

  • Track status – Both supplier and customer have a perfect real-time overview of the movement and status of shipments.
  • Connection of a new carrier – In case of need or logistics overload, another carrier can be immediately connected in the Czech Republic and abroad.
  • Automatic data transfer – All data is transferred to the carrier's system thanks to the API interface.

Main advantages

  • Savings in human resources and excessive administration – the average savings after implementation represent the scope of work of two full-time workers in the warehouse, i.e. approximately CZK 750,000 per year. Thanks to the Balíkobot solution, these capacities can be used for other work.
  • Speeding up the volume of daily shipping by approximately 15%, thanks to which there is a proportional increase in sales
  • Adherence to SLA and monitoring the movement of shipments - wholesale and manufacturing companies better fulfil their obligations to their customers and monitor the movement of their shipments in real-time.

Cost savings

Shipping processes are smooth with the use of Balíkobot, and thanks to time savings, shipping productivity increases by tens of per cent per day. At the same time, automated control of all processes takes place continuously, eliminating errors in the data sent (addresses, cash on delivery, etc.), significantly reducing the costs usually incurred for returned shipments. Maintenance and updating of carriers' systems also take place automatically and thus without the need to involve IT resources on the user's side.