Integrate the main ERP system with any external application commonly used by your employees, management, or sales departments. Their work and performance will be significantly more efficient and you will have all the important data in one place.

In general

RESTwithUS logo_horizontalThe RESTwithUS integration tool is an extension of the globally used Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central business information system. This extension allows easy integration, data exchange, and communication between the main information system and any external application or service supporting REST API technology. This technology and its interface are provided natively by Business Central, however, communication with other systems is not available without programming.

It is the RESTwithUS solution that enables the universal connection of the ERP system to all external systems and applications that support the REST API technology.
In general, more advanced knowledge of programming different technologies is usually required for the development of integration modules or the integration of two different systems. However, RESTwithUS automatically generalizes these technologies and thus allows the systems to be integrated visually using the user interface and only basic knowledge of programming in the language used in the development of the Business Central system.

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The REST API is a worldwide standard in communication and is provided by most well-known systems and services. Thanks to API technology, systems and services can read, write and change data, or trigger various events. Simply put, REST provides a single means of communication between different systems or applications.

Examples of systems and services that support the REST API:

  • Google (Gmail, Disk, GoogleMaps)
  • webshops, both by sellers and buyers (Ebay, Aliexpress, Amazon)
  • information systems, management systems, office software
  • payment gateways
  • tools for helpdesk portals
  • social media
  • marketing tools and countless other services.