Anveo EDI Connect

Anveo EDI Connect is an optimised tool for businesses that manage their company processes on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV business information system. This solution automatizes all the key processes related to the information exchange between business partners. Thanks to EDI, all the segments in the provider-purchaser network can now achieve a high growth of effectivity in record time.

Created for Dynamics NAV

AnveoAnveo EDI Connect module is tailor-made for Microsoft Dynamics NAV business information system. The user accepts and sends files in a familiar environment.
During implementation, the data structures are automatically detected in the system, on which EDI Connect adjusts and processes data directly in the client´s Dynamics NAV. All this with a single click of your mouse and without the need for any additional programming.
Anveo EDI supports even multiple formats of bidirectionally sent messages like EDIFACT or X12. Anveo EDI Connect is designated for all versions from Dynamics NAV2009 and on.

Anveo EDI

Data Transfer & Automatisation

EDI messages can be sent and accepted through the file, e-mail, FTP or SFTP with additional integrated communication components. In Anveo EDI Connect Role Center, an easily accessible summary of all incoming and outgoing EDI messages in real time is available.
Anveo EDI Connect can create document structures in requested formats without any human intervention. If you, for example, receive an EDI document from your business partner as EDIFACT or XML file, Anveo EDI Setup Assistant automatically creates EDI documents structure for you. We only need to map out easily and start to accept and send documents and all this without any additional development or XML ports setting.


When choosing EDI integration with a robust ERP system, the EDI solution implementation does not represent a high purchase cost. The flexible licensing model brings an affordable entry into the professional world of EDI. The basic license offers full functionality for a limited number of EDI partners. If your demand for EDI communication grows over time, you can easily expand the whole system by purchasing additional licenses.