NavSherpa for Dynamics

...more than DMS for Dynamics NAV


logo NavSherpaNavSherpa is a communication tool linking Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft SharePoint. It enables working with documents, running workflow, and automatic tracking of approval status directly in NAV.

Easily work with documents

The user works exclusively in the environment of Dynamics NAV/D365 BC and at the same time can take advantage of advanced SharePoint functionalities. NavSherpa uses the best of each application enabling users to comfortably work under one roof.

NavSherpa Smart TreeNavSherpa Library Insight

Advanced document search

The user can easily search and filter documents through the SmartTree by entering a part of the file name in the text box. NavSherpa instantly displays all documents according to the search parameters that are assigned to the specific tab in Dynamics NAV/D365 BC. Naturally, full-text searches can also be used in SharePoint as well.

Automatic metadata assignment

When you upload a document, there is no need to add information that someone has already entered into Dynamics NAV/D365 BC. NavSherpa automatically searches for metadata and assigns it to the document according to its location.

NavSherpa Metadata Entity management

Document version control

NavSherpa supports version management in SharePoint. In case a document that already exists is uploaded to the library, NavSherpa asks whether you want to overwrite it (add new version) or change the name.

Drag & Drop utilization to the fullest

At any place in NAV/BC (project card, opportunity, supplier, goods, etc.), you can place a Smart Tree element into which you can easily insert any document using drag&drop. In the SharePoint application you no longer need to run the wizard and set the document properties manually.

From anywhere with a mobile client

Manage your documents from anywhere and on any device. You can access relevant documents whenever you work out of the office. Integration with advanced workflow tools allows you to approve documents on your business trips via mobile client.

Clearly defined access rights

You can easily set access rights for your employees according to predefined roles. Therefore, you can ensure the secure archiving of documents and avoid any changes which can affect the management of internal processes.

Advanced approval

The user can start the approval of any record directly in Dynamics NAV/D365 BC (e.g., purchase order, received invoice, project phase, complaint log, etc.). NavSherpa will then display the actual status of the approval process directly on the card in a separate factbox.

NavSherpa Workflow

Videos describing key functionalities

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