Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive set of integrated cloud services - analytics, computing, database, mobile, network, storage, and web. Thanks to Azure, you can make better decisions, improve customer service, and discover new business opportunities based on your data. All this with minimal investment and predictable cost. By using MS Azure, you get a secure, high-availability infrastructure around the world and pay for only what you use.

MS AzureWith the release of Azure, Microsoft has taken the commitment to perfect data protection and has become the first provider of cloud services recognized by the European Union authorities. Azure is a cloud solution that offers more than 50 services that allow you to flexibly manage performance and resources to suit your needs. Thanks to this flexibility, it has become one of the best cloud computing services available.

Azure is designed to handle any workload, from small developer testing to large-scale global projects. It helps you quickly create, deploy, scale and manage applications to fully adapt to your activities. All services run on a global network of data centers managed by Microsoft. This rapidly growing global network provides many opportunities to run applications and ensures outstanding customer performance.

Přínosy MS Azure

Flexible virtualization

Azure poskytuje flexibilní virtualizaci pro nejširší škálu výpočetních řešení, operačních systémů, programovacích jazyků, rozhraní, nástrojů, databází a zařízení. Služba Azure Virtual Machine podporuje Linux, Windows server, SQL Server, Oracle, IBM i SAP. Díky tomu má zákazník možnost si jej konfigurovat způsobem, který mu vyhovuje. Aplikaci nasadíte během několika minut a sami se rozhodnete pro vlastní prostředí, cloud nebo kombinaci obojího.

Extending existing IT infrastructures

Until recently, users had to choose between acquiring their own infrastructure or data center. Azure offers the option of a hybrid solution that delivers the best of both worlds and provides the ability to move any IT infrastructure and applications away from the local network. It easily integrates into your existing IT environment through the largest network of secure private connections, hybrid database solutions, storage, data residency, and data encryption. Your money will stay exactly where you need it.

Cloud storage

Thanks to MS Azure, you get durable and highly available storage. With ongoing payments, you can quickly scale up or scale down services and only pay for what you're actually using. You get the opportunity to use storage for modern applications in the petabyte order or for highly scalable applications with a large amount of data. Azure Storage is available in multiple areas and allows you to store data where it has the most commercial sense for the customer. Blob Storage for unstructured data, File Storage for cloud shared folders, Table Storage for NoSQL data, Queue Storage for reliable message storing, or Premium Level Storage for high performance and low latency block storage. Capacity can be increased vertically or scaled across data centers as needed.

Data protection and Backup

Your data will be safe on Azure. You can choose your own level of security. Standard authentication mechanisms, encryption of inactive stored data on the client and server side, or limitation of access rights to selected data are available. Data is stored by region or globally automatically replicated and maintained in 6 copies in two different data centers. Backup protection is secured regardless of where the data is stored and secured by encryption during and after the transfer. Data at 99.9% availability is always guaranteed.

Recovery plan

In the event of a primary data center failure or crash, Azure Site Recovery avoids the risk of temporarily unavailable data. Based on your policies, you will prepare a cloud-based recovery plan, without the cost of secondary data centers. Protected applications can migrate to Azure or migrate only temporarily. Site Recovery continuously monitors the status of these protected instances. When replicating data between two sites, virtual machine data and replicated data remain on your networks. Here too, all communications with Azure are encrypted.

Interactive Power BI Assembly

The user can easily revive data in their applications using the Power BI Embedded services. This allows you to create visually compelling and interactive reports from application data. You can choose from pre-made modern visualizations or customize them - all without the need to program anything.

You can count on a cloud built by the company that created SQL Server, Windows, Office, SharePoint, and other legends.