Keepit Backup and Recovery

Fully automated data backup in Microsoft 365 applications.

Keepit logoKeepit Backup and Recovery solution for Microsoft 365 (Office 365) provides the highest protection of all business data in applications such as Teams, Groups, SharePoint, Exchange or OneDrive.

Keepit for Microsoft 365

Data protection is guaranteed thanks to daily and fully automated backup execution and detailed reports on the current status of the backed-up data. Easy and fast recovery with unique data recovery features is available when needed. Keepit allows you to search for data over time, so you can instantly find any missing files.

Keepit's unique storage is highly tamper-resistant, ensuring that stored data remains intact. To ensure complete security, Keepit backs up data to two data centres in different geographic locations. Also, these repositories do not have limited customer storage capacity. Combined with the ability to retain data at any time, Keepit Backup and Recovery for Microsoft 365 is the ideal key for secure corporate data management.

Keepit for M365