RAVEN, a. s.

Leading distributor of metallurgical materials in the Visegrad Four countries.

The establishment of the RAVEN Group is linked to 1993, when the joint-stock company RAVEN as was founded in Považská Bystrica. At present, the RAVEN Group consists of RAVEN a.s. based in Slovakia and its subsidiaries in the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. With 750 employees, it is currently one of the most important sellers of metallurgical materials in these countries.

In addition to the sale of metallurgical material, the group also produces metallurgical semi-finished products. The basic philosophy of the RAVEN Group is to provide customers with the widest possible range of metallurgical materials and to continue to build a strong brand and strong relationships with their customers. The RAVEN Group companies are a sought-after supplier thanks to the high quality, affordable price, reliability and services provided by modernly equipped service centers.

The RAVEN brand entered the Czech metallurgical material market in 2002 with the establishment of its subsidiary RAVEN CZ as, with its registered office in Hradec Králové. In 2006, a warehouse was opened in Brno and subsequently, in March 2011, a new warehouse in Ostrava.