Baseball Brno Hippos

We support youth sport

In 2006, we became the general partner of the baseball club, Hippos Brno, and since April 1, 2006 they’ve been named the Navisys Brno Hippos.

Baseball currently is not, at least not in our latitudes, among massively popular activities. It's not a rich and widely supported sport like hockey or football. It's also not a sport, which has corruption scandals on the local league level.

Baseball's an amateur sport, even in the premier league the players have their civilian jobs; baseball is not a means of living and it isn’t for financial gain. Baseball is a sport based on the enthusiasm of coaches, players and their relatives and loved ones. It is a sport that is financed by the enthusiasm of the participants.

We decided to promote baseball because we feel it simply does not get covered well enough. We're not going into this as a financial investment. It’s true that our logo will be seen on the big screens in the square but this is not our intention. We just want to support a sport that is interesting and worthwhile.

In the 2008 season the Navisys Brno Hippos advanced to the playoffs, where they eventually lost by just one point. The target for 2008 (position of 4th place) was met, and in the 2009 season the Hippos were to be even more motivated with an even more ambitious new target – to enter into the Extraleague.

In 2009 they succeeded in doing this. The Brno Hippos were the winners of the Czech-Moravian league and made it into play-offs. Finally, they fought to win 3-1 on the games and advanced to highest baseball competition in the Czech Republic – into Extraleague.

In the 2010 season the Brno Hippos placed 6th in the league after playing 28 matches. As newcomers into the top league they did very well.