Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a comprehensive enterprise information management system for medium and large organizations. It increases productivity and competitiveness through consolidation and standardization of all processes, provides an overview of what is happening in the organization. It allows you to work efficiently when responding to new trends and facilitating compliance with statutes and regulations. The ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 2012 is a reliable and flexible solution for your sector.

In general

Microsoft Dynamics AXThe ERP system Microsoft Dynamics AX is also known under the name of Axapta. This brand of ERP system was originally developed by a Danish company which was later acquired by Microsoft Corporation. It is currently classifiable under Axapta Microsoft Dynamics brand. The new version includes ready-made Business Intelligence tools and a user role.

Microsoft introduced a new version of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 on 25 September 2011. Since then they have added new functionality to the solution, thus creating Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, which was officially launched on 19 February 2013. The current version includes preset user roles (CFO, store manager, warehouse manager) and they also prepared Business intelligence reports, which are often needed by management for decision making.

Organization administration Planned orders Inventory and warehouse management

It is supported in many countries, including not only language adaptations but also currency and legislation for more than 36 countries. This organization can expand without any problems in any country without facing the challenge of consistency and integration of data for individual branches.

Sales and marketing

This business and marketing tool includes features for managing contacts, sales and marketing, which will significantly strengthen customer relationships and contribute to establishing new business relationships. It can be applied to unique sales processes, create offers and track and manage the entire sales process and evaluate potential yield from a customer in comparison to the incurred costs. Contacts can be segmented on the basis of criteria and these segments adapt the marketing campaigns. This tool monitors metrics such as gained and lost contracts, strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Information of this type can be generated into groups based on their own inquiries.


This lean manufacturing module is applied to the automotive industry as well as to engineering. It includes tools for implementing the Kanban, JIT and 5S methodologies, which optimize the production process. This lean manufacturing module helps to get the perfect overview of the production process, ensuring its efficiency and flexibility and better focus on the end customer. This tool for process manufacturing models manufacturing capacity, thereby ensuring accurate planning, costing in the manufacturing process and subsequent management of manufacturing resources. The organization achieves growth and profitability thanks to the integration of the manufacturing module.

Financial management and controlling

Financial management and controlling provides a comprehensive view of the financial management of the entire company. It has data at its disposal which form the basis for the creation of analyses and reports, performance metrics and key performance indicators (KPI) for managers. The module keeps track of incomes, expenses, payables, receivables and all financial flows. It reduces the time required to prepare data for audits or the creation of statutory reporting. Of course this tool can manage exchange rates as well.

Warehousing and supplying

This module for warehousing and supplying helps to optimize processes in the supply chain. With perfect planning and setting optimal inventory levels, costs are eliminated while providing current information on available resources. It monitors the production, purchasing and sales logistics activities in an attempt to detect risks. Customers get better service in terms of meeting deadlines / timely copies of contracts, claims and reducing the cost of the entire process.

Retail trade

This retail trade module is designed to cover the processes of central management and the supply chain. Connecting this retail trade module and the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics AX provides a comprehensive solution that reflects all operations into finances immediately, so you can get a detailed overview of what is happening in the company. This integration provides the organization with accelerated business processes and enables them to flexibly respond to changes, such as adding segments to the business model and it requires minimal effort for training users due to its intuitive user interface. Employees can quickly and easily start using the retail trade module without complicated training.

Payroll and Human Resources

This module is specifically designed to manage payroll and human resources, recording important information about your employees. On one side it deals with the existing employees, where it records attendance at trainings, skills, type of employment, and at the same time, on the basis of the information gathered the company can develop a program that utilizes the potential of each employee. All this information is reflected in the payroll. The other side deals with recruitment campaigns that seek to select the best talent according to clearly defined business needs and a set of models for selecting candidates.